What is a Birth and Postpartum Doula?

Inspire what is possible in Birth

A doula needs to know a lot about how pregnancy and birth works and how it looks as well as hiccups that can come up. They inspire ways to cope with the sensations of pregnancy and labor, they inform on what the options are for labor and birth in every setting. Doulas help the expecting moms and their partners get clarity about their desires and choices. Many can also discuss alternative remedies for common pregnancy complaints.  They can help improve movement and sleep hygiene. Doulas also know how to serve families in the postnatal transition by using basic newborn care and sibling support, nurturing the mother. She works for the family by holding sacred space, holding the energy you desire when you bring baby earthside. They inspire and protect your birth vision.


Client Testimonials

Family Feedback

Justine brings a vibrant, genuine energy with her.  I always felt understood. She helped me understand what my body was experiencing which gave me the confidence to make healthy decisions for myself.

Katherine D.

Our hospital didn't allow more than one support person and I wished she could have been there physically but I was so happy to have her guide us virtually.  While I was in labor she was able to provide comfort with video calls, voice notes, and text messages.

Stephanie A.

I appreciate her so much! She talks about birth and babies so poetically it might make you want to have more babies and keep hiring her lol!

Angelica Z.