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Pregnant hispanic woman feeling confident and relaxed as she's sitting by the window as she hold her womb

Holistic Birth Support and Beyond

Inspiring confidence throughout pregnancy, birth,
and parenthood. 

Welcome to Mama Concrete, your compassionate guide through the transformative journey of pregnancy and labor. Our holistic approach encompasses a rich tapestry of choices for your birthing experience, curated to empower and support you. As nurturing guardians of wisdom, we illuminate your path, offering a haven where expectant mothers and their partners discover solace and affirmation for their unique birth aspirations.

Within our embrace, we are the architects of sacred spaces, fostering conversations that honor the nurturing traditions of nature. Our Birth Education Class and Newborn Care Class conversations are woven with gentle remedies for expectant souls, ensuring you are prepared for the journey ahead.

With unwavering devotion, we stand beside families as they navigate the delicate prenatal and postpartum realms. Through our Postpartum Care Packages and Holistic Doula Services, we nurture and enlighten every step of the way. Our Postpartum Meal Prep ensures your nourishment while you bask in the miracle of new life.

In our shared exploration, we pay homage to the ancient traditions that have carried the wisdom of generations. We weave them intricately with the vitality of today's mothers, imbuing them with the strength to embrace birth's miracle with radiant spirits. Birth isn't just a physical process; it's a journey that reconnects you with the magic within. We're here to ensure that magic shines brightly throughout.

Join us on a transformative path, where birth education, newborn care, and postpartum support are more than just services – they're a celebration of life's most profound moments

Meet Justine

Her heart beats to the rhythm of family, warmed by the rich Caribbean traditions that have shaped her approach to nurturing families and welcoming new lives. Justine, your compassionate doula on this sacred journey, draws inspiration from her own vibrant roots, where her mother's place among twelve siblings illuminated the profound significance of birth and the tender moments that follow.

When a new family member was born aunts arrived bearing nourishing meals for the mom and older siblings, infusing the air with an aroma of care.

An intricate symphony of love and laughter unfolded, as generations united to cradle the newborn. Whether swathed in slumber or wrapped in contemplation, new mothers found solace, while the bonds of sisterhood and kinship were woven ever stronger. Amidst joyous whispers, the new mom would reflect, her sisters and eldest nieces by her side, and younger cousins playfully vying for their turn to hold the precious bundle. This ceremonial dance is embedded in Justine, it was a testament to love, a welcoming chorus celebrating life's most exquisite chapter.

Justine, the visionary founder and doula, stands as a beacon of support, extending her nurturing embrace to you. With a comprehensive foundation rooted in prenatal, birth, breastfeeding, and newborn care courses, her commitment to excellence is unwavering. A graduate of the esteemed Indie Birth Associations Birth Warrior Project in 2020 and a recipient of Mama Glo's Professional Doula Training Program certification in 2022, Justine's dedication knows no bounds.

Enthusiastically embracing holistic approaches, Justine is a steadfast advocate of your journey's unique essence. Her mission is resolute—to stand as a source of unwavering support, to educate, and to illuminate the path as you navigate the extraordinary bond with your precious baby. She will remind you that your baby is here to deliver deep messages. 

Welcome, dear couples embarking on this transformative odyssey. Justine is here, an ambassador of warmth and wisdom, ready to guide, to empower, and to embrace your family's journey into the tender heart of parenthood.


"Justine brings vibrant, genuine energy with her. I always felt understood. She helped me visualize what my body was experiencing, which gave me the confidence to make healthy decisions for myself."

Katherine D.


I spoke to the pediatrician about her, telling her that Justine changed everything by showing me exactly how to position myself and my baby for feeding. So grateful for her!

 Tiffany Stevens

Unlocking Birth Wisdom: Join Our Birth Education Class

Welcome to a world where generations of healing knowledge blend seamlessly with modern expertise. Our birth education class isn't just a class; it's an invitation to embark on a journey of empowerment and discovery. Designed especially for first-time parents, it's your opportunity to dive into the boundless ocean of birth knowledge

Pregnant hispanic women at 8 months pregnant laying on her bed with white sheets as she shows of her belly in a maternity gown

Virtual Birth Doula

Informative and Compassionate

Pregnant hispanic woman holding partners hand while her partner uses his other hand to hold her growing womb. She is showing off her pregnant womb in a beautiful maternity gown.

Birthing Guidance

Offering Support

Baby hand holding moms finger

Postpartum Support

Here for You

Guiding Your Newborn Care Adventure

Your journey continues. Once your bundle of joy arrives, our online newborn care class takes you on an adventure. We'll teach you the art of nurturing and understanding your newborn, ensuring you're well-equipped with the tools to embrace every precious moment


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