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What My Clients Say

 “ I could write an entire essay about how my doula and I connected, how every time I looked up and saw her there with my partner picking the next song to play or telling him to jump in and comfort me physically I was smiling and bursting inside with happiness. We were a team, comfortable, a tribe ready to welcome my baby. We danced, we talked, we slept, we ate chips and guac while I was on the floor between contractions. She didn’t let me quit. She was my voice out loud when I was my weakest. She took all my burdens and carried me through. She helped my partner be at his best (this has to be the greatest gift she could’ve given me) Justine- I almost didn’t hire you. I was letting myself be guided by outside noise. And I mean when I say it, having you part of my tribe was the best decision we ever made. Thank you for helping my partner and I to navigate through the birth of our son. “


I spoke to the pediatrician about her, telling her that Justine changed everything by showing me exactly how to position myself and my baby for feeding. So grateful for her!

Tiffany Stevens

My amazing birth sister, her soft voice, her touch, and her wisdom, all were essential to this beautiful birth. I thank God for Justine

Daniela Benitez

Mother and Daughter

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