About Justine

My large Caribbean family is a  significant influence on how I work with families and babies. My mother is one of twelve, so growing up I felt how important the arrival of a baby was because of the events that occurred surrounding the birth. My aunts would bring over food and everyone would take turns holding the baby, while the mom who just gave birth showered or maybe even slept, if her mommy instincts allowed her to. Maybe she didn’t do either and would just sit and reflect on the birth with her sisters and eldest nieces. The new mom would be catered to. It was a ceremony in a way. I have memories of being about 6 or so and getting into arguments with my other girl cousins about who would be allowed to feed the new baby cousin next or who would get to hold the new baby cousin next. Being a part of the welcoming committee was important to us. They are moments I cherish. As those baby cousins get older I continue to celebrate their life and the moment they came into the world in a very meaningful way. 

Fast forward to high school and college, where my favorite electives were psychology and biology and my favorite unit of study was the reproductive system. These are still interests of mine today as I read books, listen to podcast and join conversations on women's reproductive health.

After having two children of my own I believe that pregnancy, birth, and motherhood are also a spiritual journey. Each one is different. Each one fills you with different energy and leaves you with a different perspective on life. I love the indescribable journey that is pregnancy and motherhood.  

I decided to take courses on supporting families through pregnancy, birth, and parenthood. I found Indie Birth associaton. Everything in their Birth Warrior Project course resonated with what I believed childbirth should feel like. It was confirmation that I am at the right place at the right time. I have many more courses I would like to take as I know that perfection is a moving target and the best teacher is life itself.

Pregnancy and birth are a natural part of life. That is why I am here to support families through the many options they have when it comes to birth. I do support both home and hospital births and continue my midwifery classes. I am here to support moms and their partners. I am here to help them navigate a bond with their baby. It would be an honor to help you welcome more life into the world.

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