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Haven for Maternal Wellness

Empowering Doula Services

A heartfelt creation founded by a dedicated doula, thriving within a circle of kindred birthkeeping soul sisters. United by our roles as both nurturing mothers and compassionate doulas, our shared mission is to provide your family with the unwavering attention and invaluable knowledge necessary for empowered choices throughout your pregnancy, labor, and postpartum journey.

At Mama Concrete Services LLC, we perceive pregnancy, birth, and motherhood as profound spiritual odysseys. We wholeheartedly acknowledge the individuality of each family's needs and extend comprehensive doula support to accommodate home, birth centers, and hospital births, whether in person or through virtual channels. Our commitment revolves around steadfastly assisting families through each intricate step of their remarkable voyage.

Envisioning the future, our ultimate aspiration is to establish a haven of maternal wellness on Long Island. This envisioned center will be a nurturing oasis, catering to women during their transformative postpartum phase and beyond. Enriching the journey with nourishing meals, enlightening education, and an inclusive community, this center will stand as a testament to our enduring dedication to holistic doula care and our communities.

Through our Birth Education Classes, Newborn Care Classes, Postpartum Support, Holistic Doula Services, Postpartum Meal Prep, and Sisterhood Gatherings we endeavor to weave a tapestry of nurturing support around you, embracing your unique voyage with knowledge, compassion, and an unwavering commitment to the families well-being

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