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Virtual Birth Doula 

Our Virtual Doula service offers expectant mothers text support throughout their pregnancy, in addition to 8 hours of prenatal meetings via Zoom to discuss mental, emotional, nutritional, and spiritual support, stages of labor, and how baby works their way out. These 8 hours are spread out throughout your pregnancy. We will also provide support in planning for birth and postpartum, as well as breastfeeding education. Finally, we offer unlimited video calls during labor for additional comfort and guidance.



Birth Package

The Birth Package offers unparalleled support for expecting mothers. Our package includes unlimited text support from the moment you book with us, 2 in-person prenatal visits, emotional, mental, physical, informational, and spiritual support, nutritional support, recommendation for local resources (care providers, midwives, chiropractors, etc), the option of scheduling video meetings, and unlimited labor support. We also provide 2 hours of postpartum support.


Full Spectrum Doula

Our Full Spectrum Doula Package offers comprehensive support for expecting and postpartum parents. This package includes unlimited text support from the moment of booking until 1-month postpartum, three in-person prenatal visits, emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual support, nutritional support, recommendations for local resources, unlimited labor support, 10 hours of postpartum care, support for the transition into postpartum, intentional cleaning, affirming and supporting newborn care, and breastfeeding support.


Nursing Newborn

Postpartum Care Package

Our Postpartum Care Package is designed to affirm and support the transition into postpartum, while reflecting on the birth. We provide newborn care education, affirming and supporting your ability to intuitively care for your baby, as well as breastfeeding education and support. Additionally, we provide intentional postpartum cleaning, meals and snacks, and newborn care while Mama takes time for self care.

$65 per hour during the day

$75 per hour overnights

Doula Support

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